Capture the traffic in two scenarios on the topology you make in hands-on and answer the questions

  • Scenario 1: pyng from host A to B
  • Scenario 2: pyng from host A to C


  1. Describe each field of frame header in several frames you captured in scenario 1
  2. Describe what happens in each scenario by showing frames you captured
  3. Describe the difference between scenario 1 and 2, and guess the reason of the difference
  4. Why CSMA/CD is not used any more? What changed by discarding CSMA/CD?
  5. Why CSMA/CA is still used?


Capture the tracffic as follows scenarios, and describe the difference in some scenarios.

  • Scenario 1: ping from host A to B
  • Scenario 2: pyng from host A to C
  • Scenario 3: ping from host A to C
  • Scenario 4: pyng from host B to C
  • Scenario 5: ping from host B to D
  • …etc

Report Format

  • Name, student ID, and your laboratory must be in the report
  • Submit to
  • Both Japanese and English are acceptable
  • More than 2 pages.


June 18, 2019 17:00 JST