Build your own network and answer the following questions for the network.

You can use the network that you made at hands-on but you will get extra score if you build a network with more complexity (you can find how to extend the topology in the supplemental material).

  1. Illustrate your network with IP address assignment
  2. Describe everything what you did to build the network and what it was for
  3. Prove that the multiplexing/demultiplexing between datalink and network layers happens on your network
    • You may need to send/capture packets anywhere on your network

Answer the questions by your own knowledge

  1. Describe how the Internet delivers packets to a destination. You must introduce how the datalink and network layers works and how the headers of datalink and network layers are used.

Answer the questions.

  1. Make the routing tables of all hosts in the below figure on a paper and describe why so Network Topology

Report Format

  • Name, student ID, and your laboratory must be in the report
  • Submit to
  • Both Japanese and English are acceptable
  • Your report must be understandable to undergraduate students.


June 25, 2019 17:00 JST