Target network topology is as follows: Network Topology


  • Download makefile for creating target network topology : here
    You can’t execute makefile if the name of makefile does not same makefile
    • Remove previous containers for avoiding conflict : make clean
    • Execute make command on the same directory as the downloaded makefile : make
  • Configure the routers to be able to connect to the servers, the way to add routing table is acceptable both static and dynamic.
  • Start Wireshark.
  • Connect to the servers using iperf3
  • Explore the TCP connections between the client and the servers, and the differences between the three servers. Please provide detailed explanations of your observations.

Report Format

  • Name, student ID, and your laboratory must be in the report
  • Submit to
  • Both Japanese and English are acceptable


July 16, 2019 17:00 JST