Lab Life

Awajishima Lab Trip


August 1st 2017

On 22nd July, we had a lab trip to Awajishima and Tokushima which was organized and lead by Omiya-san (M1 student). Among the first time participants were Prof. Lencse and two Thai Interns (Sun and Top). We rode a boat for Uzushi Tour, visited Otsuka International Art Museum, Izanagi Shrine, Puppet Theatre and Niko-buchi (and of course, we ate a lot of good food). We hope everyone had a lot of fun and enjoy themselves. We look forward for the next trip!

BBQ Party for New Members

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June 15th 2017

Yesterday we have held a Welcoming BBQ Party to welcome new members coming to IPLab which are Prof. Gábor Lencse from Gyor, Hungary and three Intern students (Nuna, Sun and Top) from Mahidol University, Thailand. We hope they had a lot of fun and enjoy their time here in IPLab.

2017 Internship Students

Jan 10th 2017

IPLab received 2 intern student, Enriquez Donado Hugo Gerardo from Guatemala and Bernard Ousmane Sane from Senegal that will work in cybersecurity games during their internship period here starting from 10 January until end of March. We would like to wish them all the best and may they enjoy their stay in Japan.

Alumni Party

Nov 11th 2016

Recently we held alumni party at Ginza, Tokyo. Many alumni came to the party, and some person reported their recent life (marriages, changed job, etc.) in front of everyone. We hope they have a good time at the party.


Oct 11th 2016

Yushita and Ito went to CSS2016(Computer Security Symposium) in Akita to present their paper on Oct 11th-13th. Their research topics presented on the symposium were "Memory Forensic" and "Secure Mail System".

Graduation & Farewell

Oct 1st 2016

Congratulation to Chris and Marius for successfully finishing their Ph.D studies and started to embark on their next stage of life. Nitish, intern student from France, also has finished his internship period and went back to France. He really liked Japanese food and culture. Thank you for coming to Japan.

IPLab 2016 Trip

July 9th 2016

We went to Awara-Onsen and Shibamasa World in Fukui prefecture on July 9th-11th. Hokuriku area is quite famous for its good Sake and Spa. It was good memory for all of us.

Interns from Thailand

June 3rd 2016

Far, Mook, Tan are students of Mahidol University in Thailand. Their internship period in our lab is to Aug 2nd from Jun 3rd. We hope they enjoy NAIST and Japan.

Welcome party for New M1


April 30th 2016

Starting from April of 2016, Adlizan Bin Ibrahim from Malaysia has started at NAIST as a masters course student. As a member of the Network Orchestration Laboratory, he will be hosted by iplab.
Enjoy NAIST life!

Intern student coming


April 10th 2016

Recently, Nitish Reekoye, a student from Telecom SudParis in France has joined our laboratory for a 6-month internship from April to September 2016.



April 5th 2016

From March 31st ~ April 3rd, 2016, 3rd-year Doctoral Candidate Christopher Michael Yap attended the annual Society for Cinema and Media Studies 2016 Conference (SCMS 2016) in Atlanta, Georgia. On the last day of the conference, he presented on a panel entitled, "Playful Thinking: Explorative Perspectives on Textuality in Japanese Videogames" alongside Martin Roth (Leipzig University), Michael Craig (UC Berkeley), and Douglas Schules (Rikkyo University). Chris' portion of the talk was entitled, "Tale of the Snake: The Meta-narrative of Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear Franchise." In his talk, Chris argues that the overall design of the games in the Metal Gear franchise, which is characterized by frequent, intentional 4th-wall-breaks, invites players to become overly involved in altering the narrative of the game itself. When series creator Hideo Kojima inserts himself into the game as a character, players have the unauthorized ability to freely modify and utilize Kojima as a story element. Chris argues that when player-modders hack the game assets in order to alter the game story, this constitutes a new dimension of interactive authorship which can potentially become increasingly more complex when considering that such game narratives can even be modified remotely by the publishers themselves via downloadable content patches (DLC). The talk was followed by a healthy amount of interest and discussion around these new ideas.

Link to SCMS2016

Enjoy Japanese Game!

The Technical Committee on Internet Architecture (IA)


March 10th 2016

The Technical Committee on Internet Architecture (IA) was held in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture on March 3rd and 4th, 2016. At IA, 1st-year Masters Student Shunichiro Ito presented a study about supporting safety measures for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) utilization. After the conclusion of the conference, everyone strengthened our commitment to the field.

Link to The Technical Committee on Internet Architecture (IA)



December 20th 2015

The 17th International Conference on Information and Communication Security was held in Beijing, China from 9th to 11th December 2015. This conference series is an established forum for academia, industry and government institutions who work in a range of fields within information and communication security. This year, there was a total of 148 submitted manuscripts, among which 24 regular and 19 short papers from 13 countries were accepted. Our paper, entitled “Leveraging static probe instrumentation for VM-based Anomaly Detection System” was accepted as a regular paper. It was presented on the second day in the Virtualization Security session by 3rd-year Doctoral candidate Ady W. Paundu. We received a lot of research input from Q&A session and other presentation material at this conference. The paper will be published in Springer’s Lecture Notes on Computer Science series under the ICICS2015 title.

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