• Build your own network with dynamic routing
    Choose your topology:
    • Student ID mod 3=0 → settingA (Download: makefile)
    • Student ID mod 3=1 → settingB (Download: makefile)
    • Student ID mod 3=2 → settingC (Download: makefile)
    • If you get an error during make, run make clean and then make.
    • Even if you get an error during make clean, please re-download makefile and then try again. Please ensure filename is makefile.
      • We updated makefile to improve the process of make clean at 14:15 on Jun 27.
  1. Illustrate the topology constructed (1.1) by RIP and (1.2) by OSPF based on the result of ”ip route” command on each router, respectively.
    Also, (1.3) describe the difference.
  2. Describe what happened after one of routers is broken. You can choose a router to be broken. You need to monitor the changes of routing table on every routers.


You can do if you have time. You will get extra scores. You can do either (3) or (4). Both is welcomed.

Report Format

  • Name, student ID, and your laboratory must be in the report
  • Submit to
  • Both Japanese and English are acceptable
  • More than 2 pages.


July 2, 2019 17:00 JST