Youki Kadobayashi, Ph.D.

Professor, NAIST

ICT infrastructure is continually evolving, yet its most interesting and important part is disappearing from our sight. For younger generations, Internet has been there when they were born. Building part of the Internet which was daily business for us, is fast becoming privilege.

Today, significant number of people are involved in keeping their system running -- just running -- sometimes without sound understanding of its internal workings. Learning from failure and recovery was a norm in the good old days, but it comes with extra cost in today’s infrastructure.

Above discussion illuminates my recent interest: 1) broader participation to Internet co-creation, and 2) infrastructures for learning from failure and recovery. I have been working with a number of colleagues, both industry and academic, to create technologies, testbeds, datasets, as well as social incentive structures in this regard.

Detail Profile

Degree Osaka University
Major Computer Science
Birthday March 1969
My Lectures
Research interests
  • Internet engineering
  • Web security
  • Cybersecurity education
  • Cybersecurity standards
  • ACM
  • IEEE ComSoc
  • IPSJ
  • WIDE
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