February 19, 2021

Welcome to the Laboratory for Cyber Resilience (IPLab)’s Virtual Open Campus 2021.

With its strength of network and security, the Laboratory for Cyber Resilience (IPLab) is conducting research to improve the resilience (i.e. reliability, flexibility, and efficiency) of systems and networks which make up the industries and society. In both cyber and physical spaces. Our research is not just limited to cybersecurity, but extends to a wide variety of topics, such as network, application design, privacy, education, and standardisation.


Our research covers many technologies, such as software networks (SDN/NFV), the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Robots, Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS), Zero-trust Netowrk. Hereafter the posters associated with our recent studies.

  • Long Short-Term Memory-based Intrusion Detection System for In-Vehicle Controller Area Network Bus
  • Towards Automated Characterization of Malware's High-level Mechanism Using Virtual Machine Introspection
  • DeL-IoTS: A Deep Ensemble Learning Anomaly Detection for IoT using SDN
  • A 1D-CNN Based Deep Learning for Detection VSI-DDoS Attacks in IoT Applications
  • Analyzing Cascading Effects of Spoofed Attacks on ADS-B Using a Discrete Model of Air Traffic Control Responses and AGMOD Dynamics
  • Security Risk Analysis of a Smart Home Using EBIOS Risk Manager
  • A Simulation Platform for IoT Smart Agriculture with LPWA Networks
  • 産業用ロボットの潜在的脅威と対策
  • 利害関係者間の関係性に基づく5Gセキュリティの多角的向上に関する研究
  • 海上交通監視に基づくAISにおけるサイバー攻撃検知手法の提案
  • Towards creating a defense mechanism of IP camera: Recognizing potential risks through firmware backdooring
  • ユーザの信用評価に基づくゼロトラストネットワークの実装と評価
  • Differentially Private Text Generation via Generalizing Named Entity to Reduce Utility Loss
  • 産業用制御システムにおけるセキュリティとセーフティの両観点に基づいたリスク分析を促進する手法の提案

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Lab Tour

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